an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word [συνεργία] synergia from synergos, [συνεργός], meaning "working together".

About Me



to this safe space.

My name is Malina Lawniczak and I'm so happy you have found this place. Let me tell you a little about myself, so you know what to expect. I am multiply divergent: #ActuallyAutistic, #ADHD, #Dyspraxia and #Dyscalculia. I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and I am registered with BPS.

I have experience working in the NHS forensic inpatient environment in Oxford for 3 years, later as an assistant psychologist in adult autism assessment service in Buckinghamshire. I have facilitated psychoeducational groups as part of post-diagnostic support. Within Oxfordhealth NHS Foundation Trust I have co-created and co-facilitated Staff Autism Support Group and liaised with internal and external services, persons and organizations who are equally committed to creating a neurodiversity inclusiveness and promotion.

The journey so far

[Yes, this is a lot of information below, but hey, I'm autistic! What do you want from me? If I talk about something I'm passionate about, you will hear the whole story, so get ready!]

My journey has really started when I have been officially diagnosed in December 2020. It has been a massive relief and a blessing for me. I have been trying to understand myself through psychology my entire life, attempting to 'fix' myself and finally feel a bit of peace and happiness. Needless to say, that didn't work. 32 years of chasing something I knew was there, but could never fully grasp it. Yes, I've had bits and pieces, but the full picture was not there. I almost needed a frame to hang the bits and pieces on. And that's what happened.

After my diagnosis, I combined my academic knowledge with books and resources from the internet to make sense of my entire life through the lens of autism. It helped some. Then something incredible happened. I came upon a group of autistic adults who mentor other autistic adults and my eyes have been fully opened to the incredible world of divergence. It was the most powerful feeling in the world for me. There is so much more to autism than my academic assuredness knew.

Things I thought everyone experienced turned out to be autistic. My train of thought, analytical, top-down thinking was apparently not at all how the majority of people thought. Reasons behind my irritability were identified and now that I knew what they were, I could start working with them instead of against them.

Knowledge, I have been given by others like me, who felt what I felt, who thought what I thought, who have gone through challenges I have, has brought not only a deeper understanding of who I am, but also something I have never had, always wanted but gave up on believing I would ever have. A sense of belonging. A validation for my true self. A community feeling. Knowing and interacting with other people who were like me has brought be so much joy, motivation, self-awareness, empowerment and passion! Needless to say autism has become my strict area of interest.

I hope to introduce this positivity into the lives of those who wish to work with me. I hope to provide a frame of personal experience of autism for my clients, so that they can start hanging their own, collected over time bits and pieces to see the full picture of who they really are.

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