Talking therapy

The range of services outlined below is available to all and any who believe it would help them. You may be officially diagnosed, self-identify or not be sure at all if you are divergent. You may be a parent, a friend or a partner. You may be an employer. Or you may simply need some support. Please read through to see which option may be the best suited one for you. I currently offer online sessions only.

Coaching and Mentoring

One to one work between Autistic individuals has a range of potential benefits. We set a goal, we strategize together and come up with ways to achieve it. Your goal can be anything, nothing is too big or too small. Each goal is a step further!

Goals can include:

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Improving independence

  • Ability to manage emotional ups and downs

  • Advocating for yourself or someone to address issues in life both large and small

  • Removing barriers in employment

  • Learning life skills

£60 / session

Initial session

£30 / 30 min

The Profile

Understanding what your Autism feels like for you is one of the key factors in developing Self-awareness

£150 / 2 sessions / 50 min each

Talking therapy

There are times when we just need to talk to someone. Whether something has happened or there is a lot of 'little' things piling up, it's good to have someone who will listen. You may want to feel heard, seen, witnessed. You may wish to bounce ideas off another person. I'd be happy to be this person for you. If you are divergent, I am also able to relate to your experiences more clearly.

I can:

  • support you through an emotional crisis,

  • help with discovering patterns in your life that keep on repeating

  • support you to observe your life through different points of view and perspectives

  • help you work through adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

  • help to work through trauma and teach how to recognize your triggers

  • and with much more

I only see individuals, as I believe that what we all need the most ultimately starts and ends in ourselves.

£60 / session


Workshops are available on variety of subjects relevant to neurodivergent community. They are bespoke are may include a range of topics that you consider important. Some examples include:

  • Neurodivergent well-being

  • Sensory sensitivities, needs and stimming

  • Executive functioning and thinking styles

  • Communication styles and modes

  • Emotional management

  • Recognizing your own Profile

  • Reasonable adjustments

  • Socio-emotive relationships

  • Energy and body battery

  • Need for sameness

  • Focus and attention - Flow states

  • and more!

If you haven't found what you were looking for - let me know. I'm happy to cater to identified needs or help you identify them in the first instance!

Please contact me for pricing

The True Self Theraphy TM

The True Self Therapy TM is a combination between traditional approach to psychology (cognitive) with a spiritual approach of being more aligned with your mind, emotions and actions. It prompts self-awareness through insight: working through your emotions, changing your thoughts and actions and reframing your perspective of them. If you feel like there must be more to life, like here is something missing this may be for you. This approach aims to help you find your authentic Self - feeling whole can only come from your internal world, not the external.

The focus here is predominantly on:

  • uncovering ego-self without judgement and with compassion

  • re-discovering your True Self

  • facing you Shadow self together

The work is done by uncovering unconscious beliefs, their origin and their influence in our lives. Then challenging, redefining and deciding to change them. This is done through:

  • tuning into our physical body through mindfulness

  • allowing your emotions to surface and sitting with them together

  • releasing the energy accumulated due to supressing or repressing your emotions

  • learning to observe emotions instead of engaging with them by de-identification - respond, not react

  • stop resisting the negative as well as the positive - trying to find your natural flow and alignment between your thoughts, emotions and True, authentic Self

  • learning the connection between beliefs that you accured throughout your life, the emotions they activate and the actions they prompt - then challenging and changing them

  • observing your internal dialogue

  • identifying your attachements

  • being present in the moment and grounding yourself - refocusing you attention at any time

  • reframing your past and present experiences and challenges by examining the importance you give to the things in your life and changing your point of view

  • taking responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions

This work expands beyond our sessions, which is why it's important that you are committed to undertake this journey. Intention and clarity are vital. This is not easy work. Facing all of yourself in a mirror never is. But once you start emerging on the other side of your awareness and consciousness, you realize it's worth it.

Below is a list of tools you may choose from to aid you:

  • journaling

  • live stream of thoughts writing

  • gratitude

  • affirmations

  • visualisation

  • meditation

£50 / session

Initial consultation

£30 / 30 min

The SELF Therapy TM

Going through the following stages and integrating them:

  • SELF awareness

  • SELF acceptance

  • SELF esteem

  • SELF confidence

  • SELF agency

  • SELF reliance

  • SELF actualisation

Working through the levels of emotions that correspond with SELF concepts:

  • shame

  • guilt

  • apathy

  • grief

  • fear

  • desire

  • anger

  • pride

  • courage

  • neutrality

  • willingness

  • acceptance and reason

  • love and joy

  • peace

£50 / session