Personalized Well-being, Management

and Development Plans for Individuals and Teams

There is no one recipe that will fit every person, every organization and every diagnosis. This is because everyone’s expression of ND is different.

What I have learned is that one can have a million strategies, but eventually they won’t be able to utilize them, if there isn’t a stable foundation of self-awareness and mental health established first.

That’s what I offer – to accompany and guide you on your journey of self-discovery from an authentic perspective, in order to build solid foundations, personally catered to you, so that whatever strategies you develop along the way are sustainable and long-term.

Based on years of trial and error, working with others and gaining widespread theoretical knowledge, I believe the approach that bears best results is what I call a


I provide you with a frame of categories, areas and experiences.

Then I help you observe what your patterns are, where your expression of ND is and what might be influencing how you function, in order to find the best approach to create a long-term sustainable framework of solutions and strategies for you.

If you have made a decision to change things in your life and you are determined to commit to yourself, I know that you can do it!


  • Awareness Audit - check and raise the levels in your organisation!

  • Personalized Neuro-Divergence Expression Profile

  • Emotional Management Strategies

  • How YOU Work at Work

  • Gaining Confidence for Managers

  • Your Social Relationships Decoded

  • How to Stabilize and Maintain YOUR Well-being

  • Unlocking your potential and allowing you to utilize ‘specialist thinking skills’ that come from the edges of the bell curve to be more creative and innovative!

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